Published by Soft D Press in Hong Kong, 2017

ISBN 978-988-78576-1-7

44 pages

17 × 23.5 cm

loop staple bound offset printing

limited edition 912 copies


Artists Pang Jing and Siuding started their creative projects together in "Minim" ( on a small island Peng Chau of Hong Kong in 2015. It started with a monthly gathering, where we enjoyed our holiday in the seaside apartment and worked sluggishly at the same time. Body was the main theme of our works. We tried to break the boundaries and to go beyond the regular aesthetics. We focused our energy and let our Muse out.

Watery is the second issue of the SP photography series. It documented at a hot summer night, we first met the sparkling rain on the beach, then we returned to the warm bathtub where we were surrounded by some creatures in the pink sea.


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