Published by Speculative Place in 2021
157 pages
20.5 x 13 cm


An oral history of tears, geography and necromancy in and outside of Hong Kong. Too Salty Too Wet 更咸更濕  is a hellish scroll that attempts to catch up to the frontlines of history. Inspired by thread-bound books of martial arts secrets, this is a bastard text and an assemblage of lyric that confronts news addiction, performs an exercise of breath and optical training, and holds light to occult unrest. How must we summon the invisible? 

An anti-travelogue essay on distance and desire within and without Hong Kong. Weaving together text message conversations, philosophical excerpts, personal family history, and the lived experience of political entropy, Too Salty Too Wet is an extraordinary document of love and loss across mediated realities.


About Speculative Place 
Speculative Place is an experimental and independent project space in Hong Kong hosting residents working on film, writing and art. They provide a place for collaboration and exchange, connecting a geographically-dispersed community of new voices.

Too Salty Too Wet 更咸更濕 by Tiffany Sia