Published by Sulla Fuffa Press in Hong Kong, 2021

Hardcover, 48 pages


Notebook (Fragments) presents an intimate and diaristic collection of text and ink painting, made by artist Yvonne Feng in response to an event of imprisonment in her family history. Through tracing the experiences of an invisible incarcerated mother figure, Feng explores absence, alienation and loss of agency within contemporary conditions in China. In between the gaps of image and text, Notebook (Fragments) embodies a spectral mode of existence, making visible the lived and felt experiences of individuals in times of great political changes.


Yvonne Feng (b. China) lives and works in London. She completed her BA at the Slade School of Fine Art, UCL in 2012, her MA at the Royal College of Art in 2014. Then, she gained her practice-led doctorate in Fine Art from the Slade in 2019. Feng’s practice explores representation of memory, traumatic events and crisis. Her research is centred in narrative and visual representation, and the potential of using drawing, painting and writing to speak about lives with silent histories and open gaps for shared emotional and meaningful engagements.

  Feng attempts to take possession of ongoing life and social events by turning them into her own imaginary, subjective experiences in drawing and painting. For Feng, drawing/painting is a way of embodied seeing with the other, through a bodily imagination of feeling into the other. The body is not only an instrument for making sense of perceptual and sensational experiences but also a medium for negotiating ontological questions and imagining existential situations. In her recent work and research, Feng searches for visual languages to represent states of crisis(internal/external) through the body and bodily sensations. The body is often employed as a metaphor for thinking about entrapment, rebellion, conflicts, displacement and loss.

Notebook (Fragments) by Yvonne Feng