Author: Chan Chui Hung
Edit & production: Firenze Lai
Publisher: Hulahoop
ISBN: 9789881782861
Language: Chinese & English Bilingual
Size: 15.8x21.3cm
Page: 116
Year: 2019


I started to accompany Chan Chui Hung to paint in about 2014. I invited Wong Sin to join at the end of 2017. Together with the instructor of the drawing class, Stanley, three of us can be considered as her drawing buddies. Not long after the painting class was commenced, I noticed there was something miraculous in her works. My tiny manoeuvre of observation on her was thus started. In addition to the thoughts apprehended along the journey, here are my incisive encapsulations.

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About Chan Chui Hung

Chan Chui Hung, born in Hong Kong in 1963, grown up on Chun Yeung Street, North Point, she currently lives in a hostel for mentally handicapped persons. She likes smile and painting, sometimes she sings karaoke.

Photo by Wen Peng

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A Circle with Four Corners by Chan Chui Hung